Bold, Elegant & Imaginative

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As a Young British Designer my aim is to empower women through clothing and a new fashion movement.

I believe fashion is a choice and should be worn without worrying about what others may think or 'fitting in'. As a result, we design for a woman who knows her worth and her choices in the way she dresses speaks volumes.

Lonseluet specialises in evening and occasional womenswear that is designed and crafted in the UK. Our signature pieces combine sleek silhouettes, clean cuts and modern digital prints that celebrate individuality, creativity, and self-confidence.

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It's not just a fashion label, my mission is to represent every woman and inspire the next generation of women, to be heard, seen and lead.

One day, I was reflecting on my own journey and struggles I faced as a Young British Designer, I started to consistently write notes to myself on a post-it-notes to reaffirm who I was, my identity and purpose. Along with the way, I met inspirational women who battled similar challenges female face in life and like me, they wrote to themselves in their journals, post quotes on Instagram and words of empowerment to help them to become the confident, strong and amazing women they are today.

I was strongly influenced by the women on my journey and I wanted to share and celebrate the new generation of extraordinary women, thus our campaign and collection is a canvas to support other women to break their personal barriers that stop them from feeling beautiful, woman to woman. I personally invite you to be apart of the new fashion movement.

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