Goldie Lowkey's Story

When I started my fashion label and the #NoteToSelf campaign it wasn't about designing collections, I was driven by something bigger. You could say an inner desire to represent the unsung women in society and challenge not only the fashion industry but socialites norms of women. 

As a child Goldie looked up to the fashion industry for her identity, from designers to models but she noticed women like herself were not being represented in advertising or even editorials. She soon lost faith in fashion and rebelled as she didn't have to conform to socialites norms as she was happy in her skin and didn't want to fit in even if the fashion magazine didn't show women like her. 

Her career and love for music helped her figure out her identity and she was happy to be her unique self. And this is what she had to say about her new found strength, outlook on life and conversations with herself and now to you, woman to woman...

I would define myself as an independent and ambitious woman, who is hungry to live as fully as possible his passage on earth without ever limiting himself for any reason, conditioning, expectations that can have people or society hiding there own identity.

In my life, I like to learn, I deeply think that knowledge is the best weapons so inner peace, which for me goes with the wisdom of the mind.

My identity and passion with music helped me a lot, I'm inspired by the sound the emotions and impact it has on me. I have learnt so far in life to be patient and whatever I decide to put my mind so I can achieve no matter what. The ability to see my vision in my dreams means that there is no reason I can't turn them into my reality.

What is your #NoteToSelf and message to women, woman to woman?

"I love my eyes because they feel like a place where I can tell the truth"

I was inspired by Goldie's strength to fight societies norms and from speaking to her I learned sometimes we need to switch off what media tells us to be and question who we are and what we want form life. Of course, it's difficult but it's essential to listen to our thoughts and channel out negativity e.g. you need to be a size 0. We need to stop worrying about what media are telling us to be and question what we see, even to the point we question ourselves e.g. who we are,  what we truly want in life and what we truly want in life and we will be content, not worried about what society or media, in return, being happier in ourselves.

If Goldie's story inspired you or you would like to share your story and be apart of the campaign, please get in touch


Toyan Oriogun.

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