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Introducing #NoteToSelf

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I started my fashion label in 2014 to encourage more women to celebrate culture, individuality, creativity, and self-confidence. There are subtle messages and stories through my collections, which the brand relates to women and their ability to push boundaries by dressing creatively and elegantly.

The #NoteToSelf campaign is based on the modern women of today challenging preconceptions of femininity and their identity within society. I wanted to celebrate this unheard new generation of women, thus our campaign (and collection) share their untold stories and journeys through our collaborative and conceptual photo shoot. These stories inspired the new spring/summer 2018 collection.

I aim to reflect positive and enlightening journeys and messages of women to other women, which highlighted throughout our campaign, thus through the garments as a reflection of women and their ability to push the boundaries within dressing creatively as well as sophisticated and stylish.